Our Story

Call us the underdogs of the paintbrush industry.

When we started out, our innovative designs were rejected from multiple brush manufacturers because they felt that if it didn’t already exist, then it wasn’t needed.

Our perseverance led to the development of the Stinger Brush Brand and the opportunity to prove to the painting world that painters of all levels were ready for something new.

An advanced performance tool, the Stinger Brush is here to shake up everything you knew about painting, especially cutting-in, edging, and detailed painting.
We have created a niche of “performance brushes” in a category that is overly saturated with products that are, in essence, one and the same.

The Stinger Brush Company is proud to be the first to design a brush like no other. One that creates the smoothest, straightest line and goes perfectly into corners, thanks to its patent-pending Stinger Tip and the Fill-A-Blend technology.



Applying Change, Bringing Hope

We believe in neighbors giving their time, rolling up their sleeves, getting dirty to improve their community, and the Stinger Brush Company is proud to do our part to help. Each purchase of a Stinger Brush contributes to a donation of painting materials for local charitable organizations to help fund community projects. Painting hope, one stroke at a time.

The Original Multi-Filament Brush